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It is simple and fast - you just need to follow these four simple steps :

Step 1 > Choose your university

Step 2 > Complete the application





Choose the right university and program for you. You can find helpful information about the various universities which we represent here.


To apply for your program, on our UNIVERSITIES page, choose the name of your university from the left menu bar. Choose the Apply button in the buttom of the information text of your university of choice. This step initiates the online application process. After you complete the online application form, you must send a scan of your passport or ID to in order to finish the application process. Our registration officer will contact you within 48 hours (2 working days) with the completed agency application form. You need to check the accuracy of the data, print and sign the form, and then send it by e-mail to your correspondence officer.






In 98% of the universities we represent, the application process is online based. This is why we use an online application form in order to efficiently and accurately gather all required information to complete your university application. We request a copy of your passport or ID in order to check the accuracy of your personal information for the university application form, as well as to verify your identity and ensure that the application form is legitimate. The passport or ID scan is mandatory in order for your application to be processed.


In this step, you must finalize your registration in your university of choice. After successful completion of your application, our officer will send you an e-mail containing details about the entrance exam, such as the related fees and services. If you have any questions about the application process, you may send a message to an officer by navigating to the CONTACT OFFICER section below and choosing your preferred language. Alternatively, you can schedule an online meeting with an officer by entering your details at the bottom of this page. After you chose your package and submit the registration fee, you will receive your completed application form for your university within 24 hours from the time we receive your fee. You only need to check your data, confirm the accuracy by printing and signing the application form, and then send a scan back to your registration officer. Our agency will send you a receipt of your payment for the registration in both electronic and paper form.


Prepare all documents required by your university of choice and send them to our office at the following address: Arsha s.r.o., Hviezdoslavovo Námestie 7, 81102 Bratislava, Slovakia. You can find a list of the required documents on the UNIVERSITIES page of your university of choice. In the following few weeks, you will receive a letter confirming your registration for an entrance exam and receipt for your application to the university of your choice. What you should do next is to begin studying for your entrance exam. We will keep you updated about your admission process and your upcoming entrance exam.

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Step 3 > Finalize your registration

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